Zombies of Content Marketing

In this article on CMI, Buddy Scalera very creatively depicts the world of content marketing zombies (marketers who consistently curate content on social media channels without adding value) as if it were a scene out of The Walking Dead.

Sure there were content creators on all of these channels; but making things takes time. Tweeting a link could be done by your computer without you. Robo-tweeting became so easy that it was almost, almost… brainless. And so began the marketing zombie apocalypse.

But the world of content marketing is saved by great content creators and curators who know to add value to a piece of content before reposting it. These “survivors” of the marketing zombie apocalypse are willing to go the extra mile for their readers by creating and curating relevant content and adding their own insights to increase its value. These marketers also understand who to target, where to find great content and how to turn information into actionable insights – making the world of marketing a better place. 

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