Your Social Media Strategy For Today

Despite the high number of users, social behemoth Facebook is officially not the best platform for consumer engagement. Instagram blows its competitors out of the water. This is somewhat concerning considering 55 percent of marketers say Facebook is their most important platform.

Michael Brenner, CEO of Marketing Insider Group, shares his opinion:

Appealing to all demographics, including older adults, Facebook is ideal for health awareness campaigns and posting announcements about health classes, services, and general health tips. Also, this is an industry that tends to be very community-driven, just like your local pizzeria and coffee shop, which meshes with Facebook’s local business appeal.

So, even though Instagram has the highest engagement of all social platforms, it’s not necessarily the best option for your company. When developing a social media strategy, it’s important to note that engagement isn’t the only factory that should play into your decisions on spend and priority. 

To optimize your social media strategy, pick platforms that resonate with your audience and optimize for those platforms. Make sure the content you’re sharing is visual, has an interesting headline, and customized for the platform. Also, take into account when you’re sharing, how frequently, and whether or not you’re paying for engagement.

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