Your Marketing Midyear Checkup

At the end of 2013, Jayson DeMers made several predictions on what would occur in the online marketing world for the following year, and he’s now doing a mid-year evaluation. His predictions range from a rise in content marketing to companies sharing content via new and different social media platforms. One notable thought that he makes is that less will be more:

With estimates that the average American sees anywhere from 250 to several thousand ads or marketing messages every day, there’s simply no way to keep pace if your strategy is to be ‘bigger and louder’. Instead, brands need to think strategically about how to stand out amidst the clutter.”

Is your team on track for a successful second half of 2014? Read all of DeMers thoughts on what online marketing trends are happening this year and check out our Content Marketing Tactics Planner for more information on how to enhance your digital content marketing strategy.  

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