Why Your Blog is Lacking Comments

There are numerous reasons why no one is commenting on your blog posts – they can’t figure out how, they’re required to set up an avatar or they might just find your content to be uninspiring. Neil Patel goes over the reasons for your lack of comments and what you can do about it.

Commenting on a blog is something that your readers do voluntarily. They choose to do it because they want to. And what prompts their volition? Really outstanding content. It can be outstandingly good. It can be outstandingly bad. It can be outstandingly controversial. It just needs to be outstanding.

Before you start writing, ask yourself how you can spark conversation. Writing original, controversial, valuable or personal content is a great way to do this. Another large part of commenting is marketing. If you’re not pushing your content out to the right audience, your lack of readership will lead to lack of interaction. Also, be sure to respond to comments. If someone goes out of their way to leave a thoughtful response, they deserve acknowledgment. 

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