Why You Need a Customer-Centric Editorial Calendar

Why do only 35% of enterprise-level marketers have a documented strategy

Kelsey Loughman at Kapost reasons that it may feel easier to keep creating new content, rather than pausing to build a well-thought out plan based on persona research and targeted messaging. 

But you can eliminate content waste by instituting a dynamic, customer-centric editorial calendar that will:

  • Provide cross-functional visibility into content production
  • Support a platform for customer journey mapping
  • Create visuals for the progressive content story
  • Garner actionable insights for improvement and iteration

Loughman offers five steps to building a customer-focused editorial calendar, which echo many of the themes found in the Content Marketing Pyramid—such as setting out a plan for re-using and repurposing content, using social channels to promote content, and setting out themes to push.

The last thing Loughman focuses on is not publishing content for content’s sake:

This isn’t really a step so much as a mis-step. For all the above reasons (your mapped priorities, not publishing on topics, paying attention to workflow, visibility to push one-off requests…), you need to get off the proverbial content hamster wheel.

For greater detail, the full post is well worth reading below.

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