Why You Need a Content Marketing Platform to Succeed

With three times growth over the past two years, content marketing platforms (CMPs) are currently blowing up in the marketing industry.

Ryan Skinner, Forrester marketing analyst, talks about the importance of CMPs.

This tech is like the ace up the sleeve for savvy marketing leaders. A marketing leader at Airbnb told us that this is the crucial tech that allows the company to move faster than competitor.

While many brands recognize they need a content marketing platform, knowing what it is and how to choose a platform vendor is less cut and dried.

A content marketing platform has several functions. It should provide a place for everyone across your brand to plan communications and campaigns around content. It should help manage and organize production, and offer reports on your content’s performance.

In short, a content marketing platform is a software solution that helps marketers be more successful in driving awareness, leads, and revenue from their content. The best platforms enable a data-driven, scalable, multi-channel approach across four process areas: strategy, production, distribution (publication and promotion), and analytics. 

Choosing a content marketing platform is non-trivial. You need to understand your budget, time constraints, and goals around strategy, production, distribution, and analytics. From there, you can start researching vendors to find one that best meets your needs.

For more on the emergence of the content marketing platform and how your organization should be using it, read Skinner’s full blog below.

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