Why No One Cares About Your Emails

With so many sexy tools to choose from, email is often overshadowed by the next shiny distribution method. If you’re not seeing results this is often especially true. But email drives more conversions than both search and social. For this reason, email is central to marketing success.

Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner argues that email is the most important facet of your distribution strategy:

Blogs may generate leads like a machine and social media can grow your brand’s reputation like a gardener with two green thumbs, but your email messaging is the glue that keeps the whole content marketing strategy together. This is because email is where you are reaching out to them, a still necessary concept in the era of inbound marketing.

Improving your emails is easier said than done. Here are a few things you can do to ensure your audience doesn’t ignore your emails:

  • Write Better Headlines: A good rule of thumb is to create headlines that evoke a feeling of curiosity.
  • Personalize, Personalize, Personalize! Personalized emails have a 29 percent higher open rate and a 41 percent higher click-through rate.
  • Use DataWhether this means A/B testing your subject lines, or analyzing optimal times to send your email, it’s important to utilize the data available to you. Ensure you’re doing everything you can to improve your email’s chances.

For more about how to enhance your email performance, check out Brenner’s complete article below.

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