Why Great Content Doesn’t Cut it

You may be creating and curating high quality pieces of content, but why are they falling flat? Having great content on it’s own isn’t enough to break through the noise of today’s online publishing industry. You need to take a few necessary steps to ensure it succeeds. Here are a few reasons why great content doesn’t always make it.

You’re not promoting it. It’s true that some great content promotes itself, but by and large, great content needs someone else to get things started and even sometimes to keep things rolling. Don’t assume others will automatically do the work for you. Tweet, like, mention, and link to your own content at every chance you get—and most importantly, find ways to get others to do the same.

Promotion is one of the most important steps in content marketing. You may have published a great relevant piece of content, but it’s not enough to post it and send out a few tweets. Promote your content on multiple social channels, include it in newsletters and link back to it in other various pieces of content to ensure you reach the widest audience possible.

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