Why Data and Contextual Analysis are Required for Good Decisions

Shelley Kramer writes about why context is so crucial these days when it comes to social media and social listening.  Many people just focus on just data but forget to place that data within context:

And while we’ve made incredible progress on the technology front in the last few years, data in and of itself, without interpretation – without context – isn’t really all that valuable. People drive data. Situations drive data. Context drives what that data means and what you can ultimately use it to help you accomplish.

Furthermore she puts forth a seven step framework for social listening, applying context and making decisions.  

The article is a good remind about one of the most important aspects of curation.  As a curators, our role is not only to find relevant content (the needles among the haystack), but also to provide context and clearly explain why these data points are so important and how they apply to the broader discussion.

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