Whip Your Titles into Tip-Top Shape

Creating a captivating title is certainly one of the most important pieces for successful content, but how do you ensure this is done every time? Bernadette Coleman offers up ten tips for writing viral titles. Her advice ranges from including numbers and lists to making sure you write to a human and not to a computer. One tip you shouldn’t forget? “Pique the curiosity.” 

The lesson is to not give away the whole enchilada when writing your titles, but do give a hint of what’s to come. ‘If You Watch This Video And Get Scared, You’re Probably A Wuss’ will drive potential viewers crazy with curiosity. They’ll wonder, “Will I get scared?” There’s only one way to find out -click and watch. And that is exactly what you want.”

As marketers, we are always looking for ways to increase traffic to our sites, and creating viral titles could be part of the answer. Check out all ten of Coleman’s tips to see what it takes to create the next great title.

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