Where to Turn for Your Content Marketing Resources

Because organizations continue investing in content marketing, teams are increasing manpower to drive content-related activities. Consider these three options, before deciding what staffing approach best fits your content marketing strategy.

Contractors and Freelancers

The most flexible option, marketers can hire based on their needs. Whether they need a generalist or a niche expert, freelancers will drive satisfactory results. When hiring freelancers, use the following tactics to get the most out of your on-demand creators:

  • Provide a very clear description, vision, and directives
  • Identify a budget
  • Determine what a successful process and result will look like

Agency Relationships

Many of the world’s biggest brands use agencies as an option to execute their content strategy. While potentially expensive and resource intensive in the initial stages, working with agencies is another outsourced avenue that has proven effective. Agencies are often best for detail-oriented projects as they have a greater level of accountability than freelancers.

Internal Content Personnel

Finding a permanent content marketing fixture for your team is tricky. A good starting point is outlining the areas that need the most support. Convince and Convert contributor, Jacob Warwick, explains how this can help:

“Conceptualizing your needs can help you determine what factors are most important in a new hire and help you narrow in on the right type of candidate. It’s important to prioritize these attributes”

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