What’s Content without Promotion?

Although there is a large focus on content marketing, it is still important to measure content’s impact on marketing as a whole. So the question becomes, how can this content generate more traffic, leads, and revenue for your business? According to Zach Etten, content promotion is the answer. He states that promoting content to various websites is a step that must not be forgotten. 

Instead of allocating 100% of your content marketing budget to content creation, it’s critical to remember that without content promotion nobody will see your awesome content. . . the ability to granularly target your exact audience is critical to ensure your promotion budget is not spent targeting the wrong people.”

Thus, content marketing is not all about web traffic. Rather, the focus should be shifted towards content promotion, and placing content in front of the desired audience, even if it’s at a price. To learn more about sponsored content, read Etten’s full post. 

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