What You Can Learn from Top Content Marketing Brands

As content marketers, it’s important that we always find ways to learn from one another. With the increasingly crowded content marketing space, it can sometimes be hard to sort through the clutter and differentiate between good and great advice. Luckily, Salesforce.com, recently named one of the 10 Most Influential Global Brands by LinkedIn, provided us with ten important lessons from the top influential content marketing brands. A key piece of advice? “Be ‘newsy’.”

Anyone who’s taken a journalism class knows about the “inverted pyramid”—a story structure that puts the meatiest, most important information up front, then provides backstory. In a busy world, most readers want to know up-front what they’re getting—and they want it to be new and different from what they’ve already read or seen that day. Don’t make them work too hard to get valuable information out of your content.”

It’s essential that we as content marketers stay current in the space, but more importantly, focus on being effective. Read up on the other nine pieces of advice that was provided by some of the most influential brands.

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