What is Your Content Worth?

Pam Didner tell us how to determine the value of content in this article. She explains, like design and user experience, that content is a significant factor on the web. Without content, readers would be completely lost – but how do we quantify the ROI of content? Pam’s value of content formula is as follows: 

Value of Content = F (Content Usage for Business Results or Organizational Impact)

It makes sense that the basic measurement of content is numbers of views, clicks, downloads, shares and the like. Content downloads don’t mean much, unless it’s quantified in the form of lead conversions that contribute to business results. To track this, the back-end infrastructure needs to be integrated with various awareness-driven channels, marketing automation and CRM.

All of these steps need to be tied together to determine the real value of the content at hand. Is the content targeted towards sales enablement? Demand generation? Internal communications? Were readers able to put the information in that content into action? The real value of content is when readers are able to take action on it.

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