Welcoming The Huffington Post to the Content Marketing Club

The latest word on the street (and in AdAge) is that The Huffington Post is now working with ad agencies and marketers to help them build branded websites and assist in the creation, curation and distribution of content to brands’ key consumers. The site is already working with a “major consumer-goods
advertiser” to create a branded website that offers lifestyle-oriented content, with a team of social marketers from the advertiser tasked with generating new site content and curating existing content from The Huffington Post.

Execs at AOL Advertising (HuffPo is a subsidiary) said the publisher created the new service to keep up with the evolving marketplace where brands are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of producing and sharing strong content. Sound familiar?

Those of us in the content curation world have been talking about the benefits of timely, relevant content for a while now and it’s great to see yet another major name get behind the growing cause. From Coca Cola and The Big Apple Circus to Curata customers like the Yankee Group and Connance, brands get it—and so do the whopping 95 percent of marketers that had curated content in the past six months in our recent Content Curation Adoption Survey.

Now, so, too, does The Huffington Post. Welcome to the content marketing club!