Use Events to Leverage User Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) is popular with content marketers because of both its economy and authenticity. UGC refers to when an audience (users) create content around your brand. You can then share, repackage, and repurpose this content to further your marketing goals.  

The benefits of UGC include increased brand awareness, lowered content creation cost, and the credibility that comes from external, (presumably) unbiased people singing your praises. There are a number of ways you can encourage valuable UGC at conferences and events.

Content marketing author Heidi Cohen elaborates:

Done well it builds your brand and your community by creating real life engagement. Even better for attendees, it helps you to connect with influencers in your category and to get some glow from their reach.

Creating user-generated content from events is not only beneficialit’s easy and inexpensive. Ways you can inspire user generated content at an event include:

  • Bring a video camera and ask questions to attendees 
  • Ask people to take a picture with a prop
  • Create your own custom hashtag for the event
  • Host a scavenger hunt that incorporates social posting

Find out more ways to create UGC at your next conference in Cohen’s complete article below.

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