Ultimate List of Curation Tools

This list of content curation tools is comprised of both business grade platforms and tools that can be used for individual hobbyist or organizational purposes. Many marketers, 71% in fact, are increasing their spend on content marketing this year. In order to keep up with all the content published in their industry each day, many of them are turning to curation to consistently publish content of value for readers. 

Marketing and technology are constantly joining forces to provide marketers with simpler solutions to publishing higher quality, relevant content for their audiences. Whether you’re part of the 71% of marketers increasing spend on content this year, or you’re just looking for a tool to help keep track of news and social media, this list of curation tools will help to cut through the curation clutter and make sense of what differentiates each application, service and platform.

Content curation tools can also be used to help individuals keep track of their social media channels, make lists/bookmark content across the web and keep track of their favorite news sources in a single location. Aren’t sure which content curation is the right fit for you or your business? Take a look at the ultimate list. 

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  • Your stuff works because I just read this post. Now it is showing up in my Google alerts feed. Nothing like good proof hey?

  • Mark Lamont

    Check out http://www.yahki.com – the best personal and organisation curation tool I have found, and it’s free.

  • Curating lots of content requires RANDOM

    Hint: Use long file names to detail the content
    My app allows for search by file name…

    If you don’t curate content then you can’t share.. Now can you?