Ultimate Guide for User-centered Content

Marketers today understand that the best way to drive more clicks and views is to have plenty of quality content for audiences to digest. However, to truly succeed, content has to connect with its readers. One study shows that 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content this year versus last year. With more content available for readers, connecting with them becomes even more important.

Michael Chibuzor echoes this thought in his blog post The Ultimate Guide to Creating User-centered Content. In his post Michael sets the expectation of how marketers should begin their thought process:

Sure, keywords are still very important, but they’re not the ultimate focus. Even though users may be searching with different keyword phrases, you should understand their primary goal – ‘to get relevant search results.’

Having this mentality from the beginning will aid you in creating a user centered content strategy. For other ways to take this strategy to the next level, check out our Content  Marketing Pyramid ebook for detailed steps on how to create a content strategy. Also see the rest of Michael’s guide for user-centered content in the link below.


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