Tools and Tactics to Improve Content Creation

As a content marketer, your first step to connecting with an audience is by creating content. There is a vast galaxy of content tools available at your disposal to help with content creation, as a quick look at Curata’s ultimate content marketing tools list will attest.

The next question is, how can you use content marketing tools to help you understand your audience? Tom Whatley talks more about this in “3 Customer Research Tactics to Help Content Creation.” In it Whatley highlights various tools such as Google Analytics, Woopra, and Mention—amongst others—to research how customers interact with your content.

Whatley highlights that,

Companies that focus on their customers are 60% more profitable than “non-customer-centric” companies according to Deloitte.

Ultimately, your customers are the ones whose problems you’ve been able to solve. Creating content around that profile helps you identify who your next potential customer could be.

If you’re looking for more ways to help you create content, Curata partnered up with Uberflip, Scorch, Kapost, and Skyword to create an amazing eBook on content creation. Tom has more on three tactics that help yield information from your customers via the link below.

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  • John Peterson

    Thanks great tactics and the was even better. I use Gostats along with GA on my sites can you include that in the list too?

    • CurataMarketing

      Hi John – thank you. We’ll be happy to check out Gostats when we next update the list!

      • John Peterson

        Thanks looking forward to it!