To Date or Not to Date (your content)

Jonathan Crossfield of Content Marketing Institute offers some interesting perspectives on the question about date-stamping blog content. On one hand providing a date on blog content can be valuable to a reader to help them identify if the information is recent or several years old.  After all, it could be quite embarrassing to use data that is several years old or Tweet a blog post that was from 2009.  On the other hand, as Jonathan puts it:

. . . . digital content has the ability to adapt and change, unlike the printed page. Why should our content be locked in amber, a fossilized record of some other time, unable to grow and evolve ? If our content dates, or even becomes extinct, it’s only because we allow it to .”

In my opinion it is a disservice to the reader to leave out the date for a piece of content.  Let them make the decision as to whether they still wish to read the post, regardless of the impact on the content marketer’s SEO strategy.  A nice alternative suggested in this article is to provide a “posted” date and “revised” date.

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