Timesaving Tips for Curating Content

As content marketers, attaining the perfect mix of created and curated content can seem like a daunting task. However, as Arik Hanson points out, it is indeed possible, and who better to learn from than Jay Baer? President of Convince & Convert, Baer has a lot on his hands, but he always manages to create and curate content. So for those of you who think this task takes too much time, Hanson provides some quick tips to eliminate this problem. One piece of advice? Get in your customer’s inboxes – DAILY.

Jay’s “e-newsletter”–One Thing–is smart. He sends a daily email to subscribers that’s made up almost entirely by other people’s content. Oh sure, he sneaks in his own stuff–usually right at the top, but it’s usually full of 3-5 posts, events and reports/studies by Jay’s partners, friends or sponsors. This way, Jay is in front of you every day with useful and relevant content (sure, it’s a bit salesy sometimes, but he does a nice job of not over-playing that)–content that is mostly created by OTHER people.”

Curating content can be a huge timesaver, and it’s something that is easy to do. Taking those few moments to curate content and brainstorm new ideas to create content can make a huge difference in your content marketing strategy. So check out the rest of Hanson’s tips on how Baer manages to create his content empire. 

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