Three Indicators You Need a Content Marketing Platform

For every challenge content marketers face, there is a relevant tool available. One particular tool addresses the core issues that hinder content production, making efforts more seamless and scalable: the content marketing platform.

Here are three key indicators your team could be a fit for a content marketing platform:

1) Existing Content Strategy

Your organization has some semblance of a content strategy, and considerable existing content. Content marketing platforms make it easy to surface pieces of content you never knew existed. Even better, you can index existing content and identify gaps by performing a content audit to discover whether you are lacking content for personas, buying stages, or keywords.

2) Measuring Content

With investment in content growing every year, management needs to understand how content initiatives influence business goals. And while measuring content ROI is critical, this does not scale when done manually. Content Marketing Institute contributor Andrea Fryrear points out:

“Basic tools tend to suffice for measuring top-of-funnel content because at this stage you’re primarily concerned with building up the size of your audience and encouraging them to move closer toward a purchase.”

Content marketing platforms however, not only make it easy to measure content ROI by looking at metrics such as leads, pipeline, and revenue, they also make it easy to report over time and discover trending, actionable insights to improve individual and larger content projects.

3) Moving Parts

Creating great content typically involves writers, editors, designers, internal subject matter experts, freelancers, and more. It’s challenging to work with multiple moving parts using traditional management tools such as spreadsheets, checklists, and basic project management tools. The problems these tools create include missed tasks, miscommunications, and even worse, missed deadlines.

Almost all content marketing platforms include some variance of an editorial calendar that streamlines ideation, production, and promotion. But the ability to measure content ROI is arguably the most valuable component of these tools. To learn more about getting started on ROI measurement, read Andrea Fryrear’s original article below.

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