Thought Leadership through Content Curation

Content curation improves thought leadership, according to Tina Dzurisin. In her article published on Yahoo Small Business Advisor, Dzurisin explains the benefits of content curation. She provides tips to keep in mind while curating in order to be a thought leader. The first is to stay relevant.

By seeking out relevant content, brands not only become knowledgeable on the latest trends in their market, but with all the relevant content on their site, they also become the go-to expert in their field.

Other tips Dzurisin offers are that content should be insightful as well as shareable. Curated information should be informative for readers and curators should add their own insights to content to increase its value. Shareable content keeps the conversation going. If you’re curating quality content that motivates readers to share, the conversation will be around your brand. 

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