Think About These 3 Things to Create Stand Out Videos for Your Brand

Visuals improve the reach of your content and engagement with your audience. When done correctly, videos are more effective than a wall of text or a static image. Consider the following points to ensure you’re executing video marketing effectively.

Is Your Video Telling a Story?

Telling the story of your brand can be done more effectively and efficiently through video. Video can simultaneously communicate through sound, visuals, and narration to create a distinct mood for your audience. Video avoids forcing the reader to do the imaginative work in their own head that written content does. Rohan Ayyar at Convince and Convert offers this advice:

“Make them feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves after viewing the video.”

Capture Your Audience’s Attention

Audience attention spans are shrinking. To help combat this, videos relay more information in less time than traditional media forms. Videos also cater to mobile-centric consumers.

Adapt Video to the Platform You’re Creating For

Currently, marketers are adapting video as a core way to connect with people–especially on social media. For businesses, taking video to social media opens the doors to an unprecedented level of transparency. Live video on social can bring a conference/event experience to non-attendees or expose an organization’s inner-workings.

Check out Ayyar’s original article below to see how video can fit into your business.

Read the source article at Convince & Convert