There’s No Formula to Going Viral – Is There?

How would you feel if you wrote the most-shared post on a subject in the last six months? How about the most-shared post ever? Every content marketer worth their salt wants to create viral content. Going viral isn’t just success; it’s validation.

Buzzsumo’s Steve Rayson offers tips on how they recently created the most shared piece of content marketing content in the last six months:

One way to break through is to create cornerstone content, which is authoritative and referenceable, as part of a ‘less is more’ content strategy. The content can range from comprehensive surveys or lists, to annual reports such as Mary Meeker’s internet trends report. This cornerstone content is what Rand Fishkin calls 10x content. It is so good it demands the attention of your audience.

To determine cornerstone content topics, analyze topics that performed well in the past as well as those your audience is currently interested in. After creating cornerstone content, you’ll also need to execute a solid promotion strategy to ensure your content performs well. 

While these tips are helpful in creating successful content, there is no foolproof formula for going viral. Plenty of great content has had limited views, while water bottle flipping and this guy are enjoying mass internet fame. 

For a complete analysis of how Buzzsumo created a viral blog post, check out the article below. 

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