The Secret to Successful Curation: Distribution

Many marketers have realized that the secret to a successful content marketing strategy is a good mix of created and curated content. In a recent Curata study, we found that best-in-class marketers provide 65% created content, 25% curated content and 10% syndicated content. Heidi Cohen offers up three tips to ensure that the content you curate gets the maximum amount of exposure through distribution. She even says that you should spend 80% of your time distributing content. One of her tips? Publish on a regular schedule.

To leverage the power of curated content to achieve your business goals, you must train your audience to expect your content. This is the logic behind traditional newspaper and television schedules. This point is about your audience not you. Realize that to build your thought leadership and related goals you need to build your tribe. Distributing content on a consistent basis is part of this.”

To find out what Cohen’s other two tips are, read the rest of her article. For more information on content curation, download our eBook, Taming the Flood of Online Content.

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