The Secret to Keeping Your Audience Satisfied

Most marketers don’t have the time or resources to achieve a constant flow of great content. However, keeping your audience informed and entertained is of great importance in today’s market. This is why content curation is such a valuable method of supplying content. It helps marketers find, organize and share relevant content that your target market will love. In this podcast hosted by Bernie Borges, Curata CMO Michael Gerard shares his knowledge and best practices of content curation and how to achieve the best  results possible. One key factor Michael suggests considering when curating content is measuring its success.

The real next generation of metrics, from a whole market perspective, is the middle and bottom of the funnel stuff. What is the impact of individual and groups of content on marketing’s pipeline. For example leads generated and leads nurtured. What is the impact on sales opportunities? How much of sales pipeline are you influencing from a content perspective? That is when it really gets valuable.”

The new buyer 2.0 wants to be educated and curation is a chance for marketers to step up and be a thought leader. Follow the tips and steps discussed in this podcast to get started! In addition to this podcast, be sure to check out our eBook, The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation.

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