The Proven Guide to Using Live Video to Build Your Brand

By 2017, video is expected to make up more than 70% of all traffic on the web. With Instagram and Facebook introducing live video and over 150 million daily active users on SnapChat, live video’s prevalence is undeniable. 

Optimize your live video marketing using these tips:

  • Personalize: Make sure there’s faces of people in your video to help viewers build a personal connection with your brand and reduce drop off.
  • Ditch the script: Reading from a script impacts the authenticity of your video. Use bullet points to be prepared but natural. 
  • Quick and snappy: Live stream videos should be five minutes or less. Shorter videos drive more engagement and increase the likelihood that your audience will watch videos in the future.
  • Be funny: New York Times best selling author and co-founder of Crazy Egg Neil Patel gives his opinion on humor in video:

Don’t make the mistake of trying to be funny just because you think you need to be funny. It can come off as poorly as a forced joke before a serious speech. On the other hand, don’t be stoic and serious because you’re afraid people won’t find you funny.The right type of humor, with a purpose, can keep people entertained and will help improve your personal brand.

Other tips to optimize your live stream video strategy include: remain authentic, diversify you content, invest in good hardware, build your audience to promote your stream, bring value, and go live regularly.

For more information on optimizing your live streaming marketing strategy, check out Patel’s full article below.

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