The Next Stage in the Evolution of Content Marketing = Content Curation

Michael Brenner provides a good wrap-up of the recent Content Marketing World event which had 1,700+ attendees.  No doubt, content marketing is here to stay. Michael’s #4 comment about the future of content marketing is especially powerful:

Customer-centricity must be at the heart of content marketing objectives. We have to make it all about the customer. And if we do execute on the vision of “brand journalism,” buyers will learn to trust us. And this will ultimately influence sales.”

This is why I am such a strong proponent of content curation (in the spirit of full disclosure, I am the CMO of Curata, a content curation SaaS provider) Too many marketers today are under the impression that they can be the sole source of original content for their audience. (refer to STOP Egocentric Marketing) Best-in-class marketers (e.g., IBM, Adobe, Intel) have already come to the realization that to best meet their audiences’ needs, they must complement their created content with curated content. Buyers want to view different opinions and perspectives as they vendors’ created content; and if you can deliver to them the best that the Web has to offer along with your own insight (i.e., through curation), then you’ve increased your value add and audience engagement. I believe that the next stage of evolution in content marketing is to better leverage content creation by complementing it with content curation.

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