The Most Important Content Marketing Skill

When Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank was asked, “What’s the one thing that has been instrumental for you to be successful at content marketing?” his first instinct was that the world of content is so complex and detailed, that there is no one main focus. However, there is one aspect of content marketing for him that does seem to stand out beyond the rest: empathy.

If there has been one thing that’s been instrumental for me in becoming a more effective content marketer for our own agency and for clients, it’s making a daily effort to try and think of things from the audience perspective.

Writing high quality content with your readers needs and interests in mind is perhaps the most crucial part of a successful content strategy. Content should aim to provide as much value as possible for your audience. Although metrics such as search need to be taken into consideration, it’s really the quality of information in your post and how well it meets the needs of customers and potential buyers that will allow your content, and organization, to succeed in the long run. 


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