The Hottest Content Trends for 2017

42.5% of companies planned to increase their content marketing staff levels in 2016. With an increased focus on and production of content in 2016, 2017’s content marketing programs will be all about finding a more nuanced, fine-tuned methodology for creating and executing content.

Content will become more “on the fly,” more personalized, and virtual reality-centered content will become more commonplace. As technology and media evolve, content marketing will evolve with them.

Jay Baer, president of Convince & Convert, and a keynote speaker, podcaster, and the author of five books including Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers, argues:

All brands must map all places and ways customers can interact and engage with them, and then provide optimal content – in multiple formats, ideally. This gives prospects and customers the information needed to take the next step, even in 2017’s crazy, non-linear “funnel” (which really isn’t a funnel at all but more like a bowl of behavioral spaghetti).

In addition, as the amount of content marketing continues to grow, marketers will increasingly target quality over quantity. This means less focus on mapping to a funnel or creating a large amount of content, and more focus on testing and creating powerful content that resonates with current and potential customers alike.

For more of Baer’s thoughts on the top content trends of 2017, click the link below.

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  • Andrew

    Nice article. I agree mostly. Can you explain a little more what you meant by “on the fly”? I have been using Simple Link Directory WordPress plugin for content curation – which seems pretty great to show a lot of links in one page. Loving it so far.