The Great B2B Debate: Ebooks or White Papers?

Snickers or Milky Way? Skittles or Sour Patch Kids? Or, if you’re more interested in content than candy… ebooks or white papers?

According to Content Marketing Institute, 85 percent of B2B marketers said lead generation was their most important content marketing goal. You can motivate your audience to volunteer their name, email and other information with substantial content they can’t find anywhere else. That’s right – with ebooks and white papers! What’s the difference and which should you create? 

According to Sasha LaFerte, white papers and ebooks are pretty different:

Think of ebooks as the cooler, younger sibling of the white paper. A white paper is typically an in-depth look at a more narrowly defined topic than an ebook. An ebook is more conversational in tone, less scholarly, and may present an overall look at an issue, trend, or industry, rather than a deep dive into a particular problem or solution. 

What should you consider when deciding between an ebook and a white paper?

  1. Which would your audience prefer?
  2. Which is better for this type of content?
  3. What time and resources do you have to create?

For more on the benefits and differences between ebooks and white papers, check out Sasha LaFerte’s full post below.

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