The Future of Online Retail is Curation says Zappos Labs

As online shopping and the size of online catalogs continues to grow, retailers are seeing their shoppers confused by having to wade through large piles of products and may be impacting sales.

A search for ‘black dress’ in Clothing & Accessories on brings back 65,529 results! For consumers, this large number of choices can lead to confusion, exhaustion and dissatisfied purchases, or worse, no purchase at all.

While many B2B marketers have employed content curation in the context of curating relevant and educational content for their prospects, the new wave of curation will be for B2C marketers:

A tailored experience is no longer just a desire for shoppers, it is an expectation.

Rather than curating informational content, curation for retailers will be the curation of products to give consumers less choice, but better choices at the same time that will ultimately lead them to a quicker purchase. We are already seeing this happen before our eyes with e-commerce sites such as Etsy, AHAlife and Svpply (acquired by eBay). We have yet to see the major retailers adopt this, but it’s coming soon.

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