The Best Places to Distribute Curated Content

Content curation has been known for years as a powerful method of supplying the demand and keeping your audience engaged. Saving money and time are just some of the many benefits that come from curating in addition creating. This is why research show that 82% of content marketers are riding the curation wave today. However, finding and annotating content is just the beginning. Knowing the right places to promote it is the next step. Identifying the right places to share your content is key to effectively reaching your audience. In this article, Rebecca Coleman discusses the best social networks for sharing curated content. Her number one curation tool is Twitter.

Facebook posts have a lifespan of a few hours, but Tweets have a lifespan of only a few minutes. I recommend to beginners that they tweet about three times a day, morning, noon and night. However, more advanced users can tweet much more, and still get away with it.”

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