The Battle of Curated & Created Content: Who Wins?

When some marketers hear the words “content curation,” they run away, scared that using this type of content might be duplicating other people’s work. However, in recent years, marketers who curate content ethically and add additional value for readers have seen massive success. Heidi Cohen compares and contrasts the performance of curated versus created content in this in-depth analysis. One advantage of curated content? Automatic social shares.

Unlike original content, curated content has a built-in base of supporters who will help distribute and add trustworthiness to your content. This helps it break through and get read.”

Cohen lists several pros and cons of curated content and ultimately advises readers to consider curation as a viable tactic. For more information, take a look at our recent study to see how best-in-class marketers are fitting curation into their strategy.

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