The Anatomy of a Perfect Social Media Post

Social media promotion is a key aspect of any marketing campaign. In order to expand the reach of your content and messaging, it’s essential to leverage your social media platforms. Simply copying and pasting the same post onto each platform will only lead to poor amplification and engagement. Instead, use the specific best practices provided by Neil Patel in his latest infographic for QuickSprout.

In the infographic, Patel outlines the anatomy of a social media post for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. One quick suggestion for YouTube? Focus on the title:

The title is what gets people to click and watch your video so you should spend a lot of time working on it. Limit the title to 70 characters for best results on YouTube and Google search results.”

Take a look at the full infographic for even more social media tips and download our eBook, How to Feed the Content Beast, for additional resources about content creation.

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