The age old acronym “R&R”

We all need Rest and Relaxation: It’s why we work hard; it’s our free time to collect and enjoy ourselves – to unwind.  Real R&R comes with the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve done your homework; that you have earned your vacation. It is here that a new type of R&R: Relevance and Recurrence brings paralleled contentment to marketers by providing them with some needed time off.

When talking about thought leadership, content management and inbound marketing, the benefits aren’t typically associated with Rest and Relaxation. As marketers, we follow the buzz of our industry through tireless media absorption and analysis. Advantage comes from dissecting the media and providing prospects with information significant to their business needs –in essence, you become the reliable information source, and in doing so make the lives of your prospects that much easier, though not your own.

There is a method, however, that allows us marketers to sit back, relax, and remain on the cutting-edge of our prospects media verticals; we call it Content Curation. HiveFire has pioneered this strategy; our software identifies, organizes, and shares information with your prospects with an un-biased, un-intrusive marketing approach that encourages free information and education, and all for the benefit of your brand. Inbound marketers know that finding the most relevant information for prospects is only the first step in sustaining thought leadership; doing this continuously, minute by minute, ensures that you are the comprehensive, reliable authority in your prospects knowledge quest. By owning a thought leadership portal, marketers are guaranteed the most relevant media on a continuous basis with automated content curation. This advance in the inbound marketing model lets you relax while customers find you. So take a break; get some R&R.