Tag, You’re it! How Tagging Adds Value to Content Strategy

Content marketing strategy is often interpreted as, ‘create as much good content as possible with some degree of consistency.’ While this sentiment isn’t wrong, too many marketers lose an edge by not executing this mantra with a commitment to organization. 

“A stitch in time saves nine,” is a phrase generally thought of after the fact. It should be applied immediately to your day-to-day content strategy work.  

Case in point: tagging content with appropriate data. While it’s possible to be creative and add endless tags that can generate some interesting insights for content reporting, focus on a few key fields to start. Not only does tagging make it easier to navigate to specific content, it does wonders for performing a content audit. Gary DeAsi of SmartBear Software understands what it takes to build a content strategy that keeps on giving, and gives two GREAT reasons why tagging and auditing are critical.  

Conducting a content audit and making this a regular part of your content planning process can not only improve your understanding of where you need to focus future content creation efforts most, but also help you discover ways to get much more value from your existing assets.

Tagging content becomes second nature. Then when you perform a content audit, identifying gaps in your content strategy or campaigns/pyramids is no longer a guessing game.

This pivotal step in an organized content strategy can take place in an editorial calendar (check out some free templates here), or in a more advanced technology such as a digital asset management (DAM) tool or content marketing platform. For more of DeAsi’s content strategy insights, click on the link below.

Happy tagging!

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