Tactics To Ensure You’re Reaching the Right Market

Only 23 percent of CMOs feel they’re producing content with the right information, format, and timing for their audience, according to Business 2 Community.

Despite common agreement that audience targeting is important to the success of any marketing program—it seems to be falling short.

Heidi Cohen argues for the importance of audience targeting in content marketing:

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to write a strong piece of content that resonates with your readers, if you don’t know whom you’re writing for. Every writing workshop I’ve ever attended has made this point: If you write for everybody, you write for nobody.

Before creating content designed for an audience, you must first define who they are. Cohen asserts that a marketing audience is made up of three groups: your customers, employees, and promoters. However, there are other audience segments that shouldn’t be left unattended either.

Potential customers aren’t necessarily the same audience as current customers. Developing buyer personas for all potential buyers is important to assure you’re not neglecting a key area of your target market.

For more actionable tips on how to make content marketing more applicable to your audience, check out Cohen’s full article below.

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