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I’m sure if you’re a marketer, you’ve heard of South by Southwest (SXSW)… and by hearing about SXSW you know that voting for your favorite panel is a must! We’ve submitted a panel idea that I personally am very excited about – RSS Meets ROI: Why Your Brand Needs Curation Now.

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Panel Description:

RSS Meets ROI: Why Your Brand Needs a Curation Strategy NOW (SXSW Submission 2013)

When RSS went mainstream at the turn of the century, no one knew the impact it would truly have. About a decade later, it’s reached an inflection point in which the consumption & distribution of content have collided with tremendous opportunity for marketers to boost revenue-if they can innovate fast.

Soon, not having a content strategy to engage audiences will be like not having a website was in 2000: unacceptable. Information-overloaded consumers have come to expect timely, relevant content delivered when & where they want it. RSS facilitates the timely distribution of content, while content curation, the process of finding, organizing & sharing online content, provides relevance. A content curation process with the syndication power of RSS may be the profit-laced solution to marketers’ latest content woes.

This session will explore the intersection between information & profit, including RSS’ evolution, the pros/cons of ROI-driven content strategies, & how to make it work.

Questions Answered:

  • Have content consumption and distribution through curated channels like Twitter effectively replaced the need for RSS?
  • What modern-day content pain points have led to the evolution of RSS and widespread adoption of content curation?
  • Will brands that don’t adopt content curation miss out on a marketing—and business—opportunity? What happened to brands using RSS as a part of content strategy?
  • What are the best strategies and creative (and more practical) tactics for implementing a successful content curation program? What should be avoided?
  • Why is NOW the time to act?

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