SXSW 2013: WordPress to focus on Curation and Long Form Content

At SXSW, WordPress founder and CEO, Matt Mullenweg revealed that WordPress will be focusing more on surfacing long form content through curation:

“All the stuff that’s done really well on mobile has been incredibly short form and easily scannable,” Mullenweg told AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher. “I think there’s a space … to sit down and read something longer than a couple of seconds. Rather than the coffee line experience, what’s the sitting-down-in-the-back experience? We’re going to keep experimenting.”

Based on his remarks, it looks like curation via short form channels such as Twitter has taken the mainstream, but WordPress wants to fill the void of curation of longer more meaningful content that occurs on sites such as and   Keep in mind here, that he is referring to improvements on their massive user community of hosted blogs and user generated content, which is independent of their open-source blogging software.  

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