Storytelling with Content Curation

Nancy Pekala, writer, editor and content strategist, wrote an interesting blog post about “The Art of Content Curation” in telling a story.  As Nancy describes, the art of content curation has been a part of most of our lives, whether we realize it or not; for example, show and tell back in kindergarten or creating mixed tapes and CDs in highschool. However, curation today is more than “just the latest buzzword, but important business”.  Nancy nails it on the head when she indicates:

What content curation is NOT, however, is mere aggregation or regurgitation of content, especially that which is volume- or brand-driven.  Content curation is really about storytelling through the selection of choices the curator makes.”

Check out Nancy’s post for examples of top curation sites.

Do you know of some good curated sites? Do you curated yourself? Drop us a comment below and share your example.

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