Stop Putting off That Content Audit

When content marketing is brought up, minds tend to immediately think of creating the freshest, most mind-bending content in the market. But before going out and investing into a blank sheet of paper, it pays to recognize your library of owned, readily available content at hand that can drive traffic, leads, and revenue.

Content audits are a practice that should be carved into your annual calendar, just like regular oil changes. MarketingLand contributor Rachel Lindteigen highlights the first thing a content manager should do before spending money on fresh content:

A content audit is a critical key to your content marketing success. Until you know what assets you have and how they’re performing, you really can’t determine what you need to add to the site.

After performing a content audit to identify the gaps in your inventory, you’ll inevitably find a considerable amount of content that can be refreshed and repurposed.

For growing teams that are hiring, having new hires (especially those new to your space) perform a content audit can help bring them up to speed. It tasks them with digging into the substance of your content, familiarizing them with the challenges and (hopefully) solutions for your customers and prospects.

Content audits also make it easy to perform maintenance on content to improve SEO, reader experience, and to repurpose it.

Regular content audits are critical for marketers that care about executing an efficient, effective content marketing strategy. To see Lindteigen’s step-by-step guide for performing a content audit, check out the original article below.

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