Staying ahead: Content formats can peak and decline

Interesting blog post from HubSpot talking about how marketing content forms peak and decline.  They look at traffic stats on their infographics and show how their traffic for infographic have declined, meaning they are past the peak:

You know what the average post view was for a blog post with an infographic, though? 11,535. Holy $%*#.Let’s do infographic posts all the time, right? But the impact of promoting a post around the fact that it included an infographic lessened over time. In 2011, our average post view was 3,059; but infographic posts generated, on average, only 1,852 views. Harumph. Not as hot, eh?

As content marketers and curators, we should keep this in mind as we curate to make sure we are posting content that is on the rise and not the fall.

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