Social Media Influence – Market Your Marketing

Nicholas Kosar recently published a nice post on MarketingProfs about “How Klout Can Guide Your Online Marketing Strategy”. Regardless of your desire to increase your Klout score, there are some good tips in this post on increasing your social media presence and the value that you offer your community. The point about the need to “engage and share your stuff” is right on:

Anyone who has been successful at publishing a book will tell you that the success wasn’t due solely to the content between the covers. It was because they worked tirelessly at publicizing their work to predetermined niche markets via radio, TV, online, etc.”

The same holds true for your content. From a content marketing perspective it is sometimes easier, and more interesting, to move on to the next piece of research, ebook or blog post then spending the time to market your marketing.  Successful content marketers will spend the time on this last step. 

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