Snackable Content: Ideal for Today’s Lifestyle

Snackable content refers to short, easily digestible content that caters to a modern audience’s consumption tendencies. A reader can absorb a quick-hitting, snackable piece of content more easily than a long-form blog post. It’s easier for them to share across their own networks and increases the likelihood of virality.

Because reader attention span has diminished to 12 seconds as of 2016, bite-size content items have emerged as one of marketers’ best means to stand out from their competition. 

Another issue for the busy reader is their increasing consumption on the go. Atomic Reach explains this challenge and suggests ‘quick content’ is a great solution:

The modern Internet user tends to spend a lot of time on their handheld devices, particularly smartphones, to consume content. The limited real estate on smartphones makes it challenging and, at times, discouraging, for the consumer to engage with lengthy content. However, the limited space on a smartphone doesn’t pose any disadvantage to the user while engaging with bite-size content. 

Infographics have become a familiar snackable content format. A key trait of successful snackable content is rich, eye-catching media. With all major networks now providing means for in-app video viewing, marketers can take advantage of video as an effective avenue for snackable engagement as well.

For more on developing effective bite-size content, check out Atomic Reach’s original article below.


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