Show Don’t Tell with Visual Content Curation

As content marketers, we know it can often be difficult to consistently come up with fresh content. In this post, Heidi Cohen outlines the five most popular blog content curation formats. One of these formats is show and tell. Cohen points out that show and tell posts are a great way to let the visuals do all the explaining. As we learned from our Ultimate List of Content Marketing Statistics, marketers will increase their original visual assets by 70%. Readers prefer to be shown how to do things, so providing images or videos is a great way to have your audience enjoy your content.

Blog content curation involves more than just collecting links, that’s aggregation not curation. It involves selection, enhancement (titles and images) and commentary.”

To find out the remaining curation formats along with five bonus tips on how to enhance blog content curation, read Cohen’s full post. To learn more about supplying your audience with various types of content that will keep them engaged, read our eBook, How to Feed the Content Beast.

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