Should your online marketing strategy be built for SEO or Content?

Should you create content for your end audience or for your search engines?  Lee Odden of TopRank dives into this topic asking a slightly different form of this question of whether your content online marketing should be performed by a SEO agency or a content marketing agency.  Ultimately he concludes that content and value come first before SEO.  Later in the post, someone comments:

Just like you write for your readers not the AI. I believe content should lead your strategy. Human being are what matter at the end of the day. People buy.

What do you think? Create content for your audience or create it for search engines to draw in the right audience?



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  • Beverly Payton

    Content is always king. If someone is drawn to your page by some SEO tactic, but doesn’t find real value there, they won’t come back. Or worse, you will lose credibility if they feel they were drawn there under false pretense.

    • JessieZubatkin

      You hit that nail on the head Beverly! Thanks!