Should You Incorporate AI in Your Content Marketing?

Over 63 percent of consumers are already using artificial intelligence (AI) and don’t realize it. From IBM’s Watson to Google’s RankBrain, artificial intelligence is here to make your life easier.

This is especially true for marketers. Sophia Bernazzani of HubSpot elaborates:

When processes are optimized and made faster by technology, not only can businesses achieve better outcomes, but humans also have more time freed up for critical thinking, data analysis, and long-term planning when they aren’t bogged down with more rote tasks.

Some ways marketers can use AI to simplify their lives include website design, content marketing, content curation, search, and marketing automation.

While AI can make your life much simpler, it’s important to remember AI isn’t right for everyone. Make sure to weigh out the possible costs, benefits, and time savings before investing in AI software.

AI development is still only in the early stages of marketing applications. We recommend keeping an eye on companies creating AI programs to solve common marketing problems. Adopt AI software when a solution that’s right for you is complete.

For more examples of AI in marketing, read Sophia Bernazzani’s complete article below.

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