Should You Create A Podcast?

Podcast listenership has grown 71 percent since 2013 and continues to rise. Though podcasting has been around for over a decade, only recently has it become a more popular form of content consumption. 

Two things are magnifying podcasts’ popularity: mobile and an improvement in podcast quality. Mobile listening allows people to easily consume podcast content in a variety of situations. Marketer and journalist investment in high-quality podcasting meanwhile, have made podcasts more engaging. 

Marketing Insider Group CEO Michael Brenner expands on why podcast quality has improved:

The major brands who are jumping into podcast marketing are clearly well aware of the ad-weary consumer. They realize they aren’t going to get anywhere with a long commercial. People may watch a minute-long promotion video if it’s good enough, but no one’s going to tune into a half-hour audio episode if it even smells like an ad.

The solutioncreate audio content that begins with answering the question, what do they want to hear?

For a podcast to be successful it needs to be informative and entertaining. An example of this is The Message by GE. This sci-fi podcast collaboration with Slate Magazine is a series following a storyline in an alternate universe. This podcast’s standout storytelling saw it reach number one on iTunes.

Learn more about whether or not a podcast is right for your brand in Brenner’s complete article below.

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